The studio at David Fern provides a comprehensive design service from concept design through to site supervision. This website illustrates the wide variety of projects and scale of design addressed, from a complete new build house to small items of furniture. If required we can also offer advice on a project’s feasibility relative to suitable sites, time scales and initial budgets. Of prime concern at all times is the attainment of excellent design standards.

We are passionate about what we do and hope to arouse positive emotions in the individual interaction with the environments created. Throughout the design process, great care is taken to thoroughly understand the client’s requirements. We develop close working relationships with our clients, in order to ensure that the environments we design are creatively engaging, functional and appropriate to their needs and aspirations.

The architect and academic, Juhani Pallasmaa stated that the task of architecture should be the defence of authenticity of human experience. Those words have a powerful resonance because, as architecture provides a coat for the interior, they relate in particular to the experience of interior environments.

At the beginning of every project it is important to become familiar with what is specifically required of a building or space and why it is required. Each project is directed by an appreciation of how a particular place will be used or experienced. What should the place under consideration feel like? How will the user respond to it?  What emotional response is to be evoked by this place and how is the response likely to be affected by memory and the familiar? These are questions we constantly ask as they should constitute the most important task of designer and architect.