Fern Green’s work appeared in a wide variety of magazines including Frame, Italian Vogue, Wallpaper, Architect’s Journal, FX and Blueprint; and publications including International Interiors 3 by Lucy Bullivant, Experience by Imagination and Retail Graphics by Giles Calver.

Below are a selection of articles featured in some of these publications. Click on article title to view.

Giles Calver , ‘Boots Laser Clinic
In: Giles Calver , Retail Graphics (London: May 2001),

Lucy Bullivant , ‘Michiko Koshino
In: Lucy Bullivant , International Interiors 3 (London: April 1991), Volume 3,, pp.152–153

David Fern, ‘For love of shadows
In: David Fern, Design Review (London: October 1993), Volume 3, Issue 9, pp.64–64

Daniela Mecozzi, ‘Plastic Surgery
In: Daniela Mecozzi, Frame (Amsterdam, NL: March 2002), Volume 1, Issue 25, pp.16–16

Bridget Bodoano , ‘Healthy Outlook
In: Bridget Bodoano , FX (Chelmsford: April 2001), Volume 1, Issue 85, pp.93–97

Michelle Ogundehin, ‘Material World
In: Michelle Ogundehin, Blueprint (London: January 1995), Volume 1, Issue 113, pp.50–50

Marcus Field, ‘A matter of taste
In: Marcus Field, Architect's Journal (London: October 1994), Volume 200, Issue 16, pp.41–41