Boots The Chemists

We developed a strong working relationship with The Boots Company over a period of over five years and as one of their pool of approved design consultants we trialled new concepts in a variety of their business sectors. Projects completed include a complete interior design concept for the Travel format including bespoke fixtures and fittings; a new shell design including architectural structure, lighting, a/c and graphics for the Edge of Town format and the complete re-design of Boots Opticians.

During BTC's expansion into the health service sector we worked with them on new concepts for Dentalcare, Laser Eye Care and Hearing Care. Also, as they developed the brand oversees we designed beauty formats in the Netherlands and a complete interior concept for Japanese stores.

Graphics for the Boots Opticians projects were produced by Karen Wilks.


1995 – 2000

Client: Boots The Chemists

Location: UK, Holland and Japan